Statement of the former anti-Communist dissident movement on the Russian military threat against Ukraine

We call on the Hungarian government that until now has been seeking its own political and economic benefits and has tried to adjust its policies in line with Russian interests to take an unequivocal stand on the side of its allies and give up its hitherto shameful behavior. We call on the government to behave as a member state of the European Union committed to transatlantic ties and as a member of NATO.

While no one is threatening the physical wellbeing, rights or property of Ukraine’s Russian minority, the Kremlin, making allusions to the defense of the Russian minority, is preparing to attack a neighboring country, threatening its territorial integrity, prompting the danger of war. Events of the last few months had no ethnic components. The demonstrators demanded only politically and economically fair governance. At the same time it is true that they rejected the introduction of the kind of oligarchic and authoritarian system that has developed under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.

An imminent Russian military intervention is unacceptable because:

1. In violation of international law it attacks a sovereign state.

2.This attack will take place after the Kiev street battles died down and with international assistance social peace was achieved.

3. In addition, intervention might cause ethnic conflicts the consequences of which will most likely have to be endured mainly by the Russian minority in Ukraine.

For all these Moscow and President Vladimir Putin personally are responsible.

The legitimate government of Ukraine and the legitimately elected interim leaders remain at the helm and are trying to manage the crisis caused by Moscow’s political pressure and the treachery brought about by Viktor Yanukovich, who turned out to be a willing instrument of the Kremlin. Russia is planning to turn against Ukraine with the same aggressiveness as its predecessor, the Soviet Union, did in 1956 during the Hungarian revolution or in 1968 when it and its minions ran down Czechoslovakia. The pretext then was protection of the social order; today it is assistance to the Russian minority. But behind both only naked Russian imperial interests are at work.

European governments and institutions must use their influence to bring about the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military units.

Budapest, March 1, 2014

Attila Ara-Kovács, former diplomat
György Dalos, writer
Gábor Demsky, former Mayor of Budapest
Róza Hodosán, former member of Parliament
Gábor Iványi, Methodist pastor
János Kenedi, historian
György Konrád, writer
Bálint Magyar, former Minister of Education and Culture
Imre Mécs, former member of Parliament
László Rajk, architect
Sándor Radnóti, philosopher
Sándor Szilágyi, art writer


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